For educators, counselors, therapists, nutritionists, medical doctors, or other healthcare professionals who are seeking services for someone that you work with and care about…

You have come to the right place if you are looking to help someone who…

  • Has had their health and mental health compromised and needs immediate and professional care.
  • Needs the best help and support possible in order to be empowered to pursue the right path and begin to thrive.
  • Has lost their spark, seems sad a lot of the time, and might be struggling with food and their body.
  • Has amazing potential but needs more specialized care with disordered eating that may be beyond the scope of your expertise.
  • Has made significant progress with your assistance but may benefit from care with a team specializing in food and body issues.

We in the FAB Program understand this kind of person. They are caring, kind, smart, and have the potential to do anything they want to do in this world.
FAB is committed to helping these individuals thrive and reach their fullest potential.

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