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FAB is a program committed to helping its participants heal from their food and body struggles to discover what makes them feel truly alive.


Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi

Welcome! I am Jennifer Nardozzi but my clients and colleagues call me “Dr. Jen”. Over the last two decades, I have dedicated my life to empowering young men and women to alter their relationships with food and their bodies. My work with you is to go deeper beneath the surface in order to understand what these food and body problems are really about,finding new ways of coping, eating, and living so you can have what you really want for your life.

The FAB program synthesizes all I have learned over 20 years to best help you change your food and body problems for good. I have gathered the best of the best practitioners to work with you to begin making changes NOW, in your daily life through a user-friendly, accessible, highly personal, uniquely designed program that meets you exactly where you are.

Ivonne Cobelo, PhD, RDN, CEDS

Nutrition Therapist

Hello! I am Dr Ivonne.

I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist with over twenty-five years of experience. I will help you with your food and body related thoughts and behaviors.

I bring to our sessions my love of nutrition science and how the human body works plus my own personal experience in eating disorder recovery. I believe that full recovery is possible, and I am committed to your optimal health on every level of mind, body, and spirit.

Joanne Kane

Whole-istic Educator & Mentor

Hi! I am Joanne and I am your whole-istic educator and mentor. I’m a certified Yoga Instructor with thousands of hours of teaching experience. What started as an affinity for the physical alignment of asana (the poses) became a fascination with aligning/re-aligning the whole person- body, mind, spirit and breath.
As a practice, Yoga provides an expansive set of tools for coping, aligning and healing – breathing techniques, asana, meditation, relaxation and philosophy. For more than two decades, I have used these tools in my own yoga and life practice, learning for myself what works and doesn’t work, respecting the fact that what works one day may not work the next and that the seemingly unproductive may very well bear the greatest fruit in the long run. In 2020, I launched Yoga LifeStyle as a way to take these teachings off the mat and work with people in a new way. These are the guiding principles:

  • We are all magnificent beings with incredible potential – this potential deserves to be recognized.
  • Yogic principles and practices serve to heal disease and dis-ease we all experience.
  • Through proper alignment, intelligence, intuition and motivation we can connect to the best aspect of our Self and move toward our passions, soul’s calling and heart’s desire.

I am the founder and co-owner of Yoga Life in Port Washington, NY. In 2019, I began Aliveness Yoga, a weekly practice of yoga, psychology and spirituality, with Dr. Jen Nardozzi, a psychologist specializing in eating disorders. In 2021, I was ecstatic to join the Food and Body (FAB) team as a Whole-listic Life Educator.

Morgan Herrick

Community Manager

Hi! I’m Morgan. I graduated with my MA in Clinical Psychology in 2022 after discovering my passion for mental health and psychology years earlier. I pursued my own eating disorder recovery in 2016 after a decade of living with this life-consuming disorder. The freedom and peace that I found in recovery is something I will never take for granted, and it is something that I wish to help others find in their own lives. I can tell you from experience, eating disorder recovery is not easy, but it IS possible.

Here in the FAB Program I play a number of roles. The FAB curriculum is a vital component of this program, and my job is to guide you through it, providing support and encouragement along the way. I also lead your biweekly Body Image Small Groups, where we discuss your day-to-day struggles with your relationship with your body. In addition, I co-lead Loved One Support Groups, educating parents and loved ones on how they can best support you on your journey of recovery. I am here to support you wherever I can, and I will always encourage you to reach out for extra support related to dealing with poor body image, communicating with loved ones, and how to remain committed to your recovery.

Alex Briceño

Hello there!
I’m Alex Briceño, your Meal Time Transformation Coach. A proud alumna of Florida International University, I hold degrees in Dietetics and Nutrition at both the undergraduate and masters levels. Currently, I’m passionately pursuing my doctorate degree in nutrition, allowing me to continuously deepen my knowledge and understanding of this dynamic field.

My journey has led me to become a specialist in utilizing meal time as a powerful tool for transformation. With an unwavering commitment to helping clients achieve their wellness goals, I draw upon my comprehensive experience and expertise. As the Meal Time Transformation Coach, I guide and empower individuals on their path to recovery and well-being.

Whether you’re seeking to overcome challenges related to eating habits, body image, or overall health, I’m here to provide compassionate support and evidence-based guidance. Together, let’s work towards creating lasting positive changes and embracing a life of vitality and happiness.

Dr. Dusty Narducci

As a dedicated and compassionate medical doctor, I am passionate about fostering a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing not only the physical symptoms but also delving into the emotional and mental aspects of my clients’ well-being. Board-Certified in Family-Sports Medicine and as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS), I specialize in treating a variety of conditions including Eating Disorders, Trauma-stress Disorders, ADHD, Concussions, and mental health conditions in athletes. I work with individuals of all ages and genders and advocate for the LGBTQIA(+) community.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in building trust with my clients and meeting them at their current stage of life. I am proficient in trauma therapy techniques such as EMDR and ART, aiming to prevent illness, explore the underlying factors behind symptoms, and provide comprehensive mind, body, and soul medicine. By establishing a strong, supportive relationship with each client, I empower them to take ownership of their health and well-being, and work towards achieving their wellness goals.

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