What is FAB?

This is a program created especially for you! If you’ve been living on an emotional roller coaster and have experienced struggles with your food and body for a while now, but truly want to be happy and accomplish your dreams – then this is the program for you.

We know that around food and body there are more things beyond how you look. Therefore, we have a holistic team of experts who will be there with you in a step-by-step method to explore your mind, body, and soul. You will transform the relationship with your food and body, and find your voice, so you can live a life according to your own rules and expectations.

FAB is for you if…

  • You are committed to taking action, and you are determined to build a new life.
  • You want guidance to learn a new way and continue with your everyday life.
  • You like to share, and you feel that being in a community adds value to your personal process.
  • You want to eat and enjoy food without obsessing about it.
  • You want to stop hating your body.

The FAB program provides the roadmap to guide you beyond your food and body struggles so you can THRIVE in every area of your life.

What does my FAB journey include?

  • 5 stages of food and body transformation.
  • Weekly group webinar.
  • 4 professionals – Psychologist, Nutrition Therapist, Discovery Coach, Yoga LifeStyle Practitioner.
  • Access to an educational platform with a step–by–step interactive weekly curriculum.
  • Progress meetings with your team.
  • Collaboration with your outside treatment providers.

The 5 Stages


Open your heart, make a bold decision, commit to the process, and embark on a journey that will change your life forever.


Begin to recognize that your food and body struggles go beyond the issues of weight, discover what these problems are really about, learn new ways of eating and relating to yourself, and understand your biological cycles.


Incorporate your new learning in the real world and your personal priorities, have a more conscious relationship with your food and body, start to enjoy and savor your life.


Create your life on your own terms, develop more emotional intelligence, and start to feel confident and have fun in your life.


Become a leader in all areas of your life and put your gifts and talents to good use, creating a joyful life that matters.

Are you wondering if FAB is for you?

  • Are you overly focused on losing weight?
  • Are you finding that you stare at your body in the mirror and not like what you see?
  • Are you spending more time focused on your weight than spending time enjoying your time with friends and family?
  • Are you finding yourself comparing your body to others, wishing yours was different?
  • Are you tired, unmotivated, and have lower energy than you used to have?
  • Are you having less fun and feeling less confident than you remember before all of this?
  • Are you finding that you are more secretive about your food and want to hide some of the things that you are doing?
  • Do you feel generally out of control with food and your body?
  • Are you feeling like if you changed your body, lost weight, that life would be better?
  • Do you feel “lost” in your life and not sure what will make you happy again?

Why do FAB ?

If you felt identified with any of these phrases, this is the best time to take action and turn your life around so that:

You can live your life to the fullest.

You have tools and solutions to face different situations.

You can shine as your healthiest and brightest self.


Are you a parent who has identified behaviors that draw your attention to your daughter’s way of relating to food and her body?


Are you a health professional or work in an educational institution and want to find the best resource for someone who you’re concerned with their weight and/or eating habits?




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