What if I am already working with another therapist?

  • Your FAB team will coordinate with your outside professionals in a way that provides collaboration for your care.
    Your outside therapist (or any other professional that you would like), can be added to the FAB curriculum so they can interact with you on your lessons and communicate with you on a weekly basis on our platform.
    We would like to invite your outside therapist to your treatment team meetings, so they too can be a part of your FAB journey and provide feedback on your progress.

I have tried so many things already, how do I know if FAB will work for me?

  • Our honest answer is that you don’t know if it will work for you. Yet what we believe is that this program is created after years of working with people who struggle with food and body. We have an amazing, expert team of professionals using the best practices for treating disorder eating and state of the art technology with a one of a kind curriculum that is designed to provide the clearest pathway to your ultimate healing and recovery.
    We also track and measure progress every step of the way, so we know if the FAB program is working for you and more importantly that you know if it is working for you.
    What is most important with your recovery progress is that you do the program as it is designed, engaging in all levels of the program: 1:1 sessions, group sessions, your lessons on the curriculum, and your treatment team meetings.
    What you put into the program, you will get out of it! Your commitment is key. We know that most people start the program with what we call “bambi legs” and are perhaps unsure or even doubtful, which is ok and we can help you work through all of these feelings.Your work is to keep showing-up no matter what!

How do I meet with the FAB team?

  • You will meet with your FAB team in individual sessions, groups session, on the curriculum platform, and in treatment team meetings
    Our team is available to you in-between sessions, so you have support in the moment when you are struggling and throughout the week
    Most of our sessions are all completed via zoom. There are times when our FAB participants want to meet in-person with us and we can make arrangements for this level of contact as well.

When is the best time to start the program?

  • The best time to get started is right away! It is easy for life to get busy and to convince yourself once again that you don’t really need more support and guidance with your food and body struggles.
  • What we have found over the years of working with clients with food and body struggles, is that these problems do not get better with time nor do they go away magically on their own. If anything, they get worse over time and the consequences to your health can be signficant.
  • The great thing about FAB is that we have developed the program to work in your day to day life. We ask people to create time in their schedule, approximately 2.5 hours on a weekly basis, to dedicate to your FAB recovery journey.

How long is the program?

  • We typically recommend for our FAB clients to begin with 3 months. This will have you complete the Launching and Discovery Stages of the Curriculum.
    Three months will give us, you, and your family a good sense of whether you are making progress with your goals.
    At that time, you will meet with your FAB team for your first Team Meeting and then will discuss further recommendations. If the FAB program is working for you, your team will recommend that you complete the other three Stages of the program.

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