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You might be an educator, a counselor, a therapist, a nutritionist, or another healthcare professional who is looking for services for someone that you work with and care about…

You have come to the right place if you are looking to help someone…

  • Who is a remarkable young woman but you can see that she has lost her spark, looks sad a lot of the time, and might be struggling with her food and her body.
  • Who has amazing potential but you know that they need more specialized care with disordered eating beyond the scope of your expertise.
  • Who has made significant progress with your assistance though you feel they would benefit from more care with a team trained to work with those with food and body issues.
  • Who you care enough about to find them the best help and support possible, so they can get on the right track with their health and with their life and thrive.

We in the FAB Program understand this kind of young woman who has so much going for her–she is caring, kind, smart, with the potential to do anything she wants to do in the world.
FAB is committed to women thriving and reaching their fullest potential.

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