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Something brought you here….

If you are reading this right now, chances are you are concerned about someone that you love.

What we can tell you, after years of working with those with food and body issues, is that it often takes someone JUST LIKE YOU to encourage your struggling loved one to reach out and get the help they need and deserve.

Why is this?

Why is it that the loved one assists with getting the person help and not the person themselves?

  • The person does not see that they have a problem.
  • Dieting behaviors and body dissatisfaction is normalized in our culture.
  • The person is conflicted about getting help.
  • The person thinks they have it under control.
  • The person is unsure how to ask for help or where to find it.
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  • At FAB we are aware of the significant role that you, as a loved one, play in this process, and we understand the uncertainties that you may be experiencing at this time. This is why we would like you to schedule a call with our team to discuss our program. This call could be the very best decision you make for your loved one—the stepping stone for them to begin their healing journey.

At FAB we are aware of the importance of loved ones in this process and we understand that it is not easy to process everything that is happening, that is why we would like you to schedule a call with our team to discuss our program and why it is the best decision you can make for your loved one on their road to recovery.

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